Web Design

A well functioning eye catching website is vital for any type of business in today’s local, national and international markets. Whether your company is just starting out or wanting to rebrand the image, CT Visual Design works with your vision.  We will provide you with modern designs and well functioning customer friendly websites.  Services included are CMS (Content Management System), Ecommerce, HTML and CSS website.

Pricing varies on website, please click on the link below to receive an estimate:

Logo Design 

A strong logo is essential to any company to create efficient branding and to attract potential buyers. The logo must match with the services but also must match the image of the company.

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Search Engine Optimizing

A superior SEO (“Search Engine Optimization” / “Search Engine Optimizer”) will provide your company a better ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo. Efficient SEO creates constant flow of traffic to your company’s website and get your business noticed. SEO can ultimately make a huge difference for your business with improving your website and its position against potential online competitors.

Pricing varies on website and content, please click on the link below to receive an estimate:


CT Visual Design offers reliable and secure hosting services for companies of all sizes.  Below you will find a snapshot of the hosting services we provide.


  • Disk Space (Unlimited)
  • Bandwidth (Unlimited)
  • Free DNS setup

Hosting Cost: €3,99 / month

Plans start from 6 months  upwards. Please click on the link to select your hosting plan.

Domain Name

The right domain name contributes to a great website and a strong brand.  CT Visual Design will help you choose the right domain name that will work best for your company.  You can chose from various domain names that will alert your potential customers about the type of business; e.g. club, .me, .tech, .clothing, etc.

Domain Privacy
Domain privacy helps your company keep confidential and sensitive information locked away from potential hackers. Domain privacy protects your company from identity theft, spam and hacking.

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 Print Design

CT Visual Design offers a wide range of print design material. Printed marketing materials are needed to create positive first impressions.

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Letterheads
  • Flyers , Posters
  • Banners

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